Stenner ST130 Band Resaw


  • Power operated fence
  • Heavy cast bandwheels
  • Full cast iron table
  • Pneumatic saw straining
  • HMI control unit
  • Automatic blade lubrication
  • Multi roller fence
  • Large saw to fence capacity
  • Braked motor
  • Pitless construction
  • Key operated starter
  • Interlocked doors
  • Fault diagnostic
  • Note - compressed air supply requried
  • Manufactured in the UK
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The ST130 combines the performance available from a 130mm wide bandsaw with the convenience of a machine that requires no special fixing other than bolting it to the factory floor. The resulting package is a very high performance radial arm resaw capable of producing quality sawn timber from even the largest of cross sections. As a standard the machine includes key features which ensure both its performance and its reliability. These include a power operated heavy duty multi-roller fence; a genuine radial arm operated by “soft” pneumatics ensuring both safe movement and maximum drive; heavy duty table rollers and operation and diagnostics undertaken by a single HMI controller.

The ST130 can be further uprated by adding drive to the table rollers, their speed being automatically synchronised with the radial arm feed. The HMI can be relocated in a remote control pedestal and a programmable fence setting system incorporated. In addition where a number of different species are to be sawn then variable blade speed can be provided to optimise performance.


Pulley wheel diameter 950 mm (37.5")
Blade length 5637 - 5765 mm
Blade width 130 mm
Blade kerf 1.06 mm
Saw to fence capacity 305 mm
Saw to feed rollers capacity 300 mm
Depth of cut 400 mm
Height of table 955 mm
Feed speed, infinitely variable  15 - 60 m/min
Cleaner fluid capacity 5 l
Pneumatic requirements 0.2 l/sec @ 6 bar
Dust extraction outlet diameter 1 x 50mm
Overall dimensions 1600 mm (L) x 2800 mm (W) x 2425 mm (H)
Machine weight 2750 kg
Motor 30 kW
Power 3 phase


ST130 Band Resaw 



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