Stenner ST100R Band Resaw


  • Infinitely variable feed speed
  • Automatic feed unit operation
  • HMI control
  • Foot pedal override for feed unit
  • Heavy duty multi-roller fence
  • Pressure sawguide system
  • Pneumatic saw straining
  • Cleaning system for sawblades and pulleys
  • Idle horizontal table rollers at infeed and outfeed


Like its predecessor, the ST100R is a ‘pitless’ resaw requiring no special installation other than the requirement for mains electricity, air supply and extraction. The machine now incorporates a full width cast iron table with infeed and outfeed idle rollers, a heavy duty multi roller fence with digital readout, replaceable pressure saw guides to ensure accuracy, pneumatic saw straining, a re-sited HMI control unit for easier visibility, infinitely variable feed rates 5-60 metres/min and of course the traditional 915mm diameter cast iron pulley wheels which have been such a hallmark of Stenner Resaws over the years.

To further increase productivity included as standard equipment on this latest model is a pneumatically operated radial arm feed which is activated by photocell. The standard machine incorporates a hand wheel for fine adjustment and a foot pedal override facility is also available as an option.


Pulley wheel diameter 915 mm (36")
Blade length 5465 - 5545 mm
Blade width 100 mm
Blade kerf 0.8 - 1 mm
Saw to fence capacity 300 mm
Saw to feed rollers capacity 230 mm
Depth of cut 400 mm
Height of table 955 mm
Feed speed, infinitely variable  5 - 60 m/min
Cleaner fluid capacity 3 l
Dust extraction outlet diameter 1 x 150 mm, 1 x 80 mm
Machine weight 1500 kg
Motor 15 kW
Power 3 phase


ST100R Band Resaw



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