Kuper SWT XL Planer Moulder


  • Versatile, high production performance
  • Kuper K2 control
  • 'Pro Lock' spindle locking system
  • Hard chrome surface on all table plates
  • Inverter feed speed control, infinitely variable
  • Continuous feed power transmission via worm gear and propeller shaft
  • Double mounted infeed and oufeed rollers in table
  • Bed lubrication (manual)
  • Electronic start/ stop system for spindle motors
  • IE2 energy efficient spindle and feed motors
  • Pneumatic pressure shoe behind first top head with linear guides
  • Electronic powered height adjustment of feed beam


With the Kuper SWT XL you can individually customise your working processes, store them and repeat as you wish – perfect for optimum workflow. It even includes the quick-action lock system ‘ProLock’ as standard and delivers the high perfermance Kuper customers demand.

Heavyweight advantages

60 mm axial adjustment of the vertical spindles. Customisable head configurations from 1 to 9 (+ Universal). Three differant control systems to choose from: Basic, Professional and Advanced.

Feed system

Chainless feed system with powered double supported infeed and outfeed bed rollers, two powered feed rollers pneuamatically selectable and two powered outfeed rollers provide a positive feed for timber running riding on hard chronium bed plates throughtout, while a swivel mounted feed bank allows quick change of fence head tooling.

Kuper K2 control

Quick set up with minimal operator input can save wasting valuable production time. The K2 control system has been developed by Kuper to make moulder set up as easy and efficient as possible. The intuitive touch screen graphical interface is available in three levels of increasingly intelligent control; Basic, Professional and Advanced.

Pressure beam setting and individual heads with powered axial movement can be set from the K2 control panel and the position stored to recall repeat work. An additional 3,5” screen is mounted adjacent to each powered spindle for the operator to quickly refer to when first setting up a job.

Tooling and the corresponding profile can be photographed and stored in a library for the operator to easily select. The status of each individual head and feed speeds along with any machine faults are graphically displayed for quick monitoring and diagnosis.


Energy saving is increasingly inportant in todays industy. The Kuper SWT range features IE2 energy saving motors as standard


Spindle configurations 1 - 9 (+ universal)
Working width 15 - 230 mm (10 - 350 mm)
Working height 10 - 125 mm (5 - 230 mm)
Feed speed 6 - 24 m/min (2 - 60 m/min)
Horizontal axial adjustment 20 mm (60 mm)
Vertical axial adjustment 60 mm (90 mm)
Spindle speed (option) 6000 rpm (2000 - 9000 rpm)
Spindle diameter (option) 40 mm (50 mm)
Tooling diameter 112 - 200 mm (125 - 160 mm first top)
Tooling diameter options Bottom, side up to 250 mm
Cutting depth for profiles (option) 20 mm (up to 30 mm)
Motor (bottom and fence side) 5.5 - 18 kW
Motor (top and near side) 7.5 - 18.5 kW
Motor (universal spindle) 7.5 - 11 kW
Motor (splitting unti) 11 - 30 kW
Power 3 phase


Kuper SWT XS XL HS Planer Moulders



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