Wadkin PAR Mk I Four Sided Planer

The Wadkin Bursgreen PAR 4-Sided Planer-Sizer is an inexpensive machine that revolutionises the production of accurate planed-all-round timber. A machine that straightens, dresses square and produces a superb surface finish on any size timber from 10 x 10 mm up to 300 x 100 mm with virtually no setting - a unique capability for 4-sided planers.

The PAR outmodes planer/ thicknessers and supplants the more expensive planer moulder with impressive performance and superb value for money.


PAR Mk1 12" x 4" - 305 x 100 mm (12" x 4") 4-SIDE STRAIGHTENING - Planes four sides of timber in two operations.  The timber is first surfaced and edged on a 1.5 metre infeed table and then fed back in the reverse direction to plane the other two sides.  Two feed speeds 4.6 and 9.1 m/min (15 and 30 fpm).  Two motors 7.5 and 5.5 kW (10 and 7.5 HP)  (3 phase)


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