Wadkin FD Planer Moulder

The basic machine in an well balanced woodworking plant is an efficient general purpose moulder. Opinion varies as to what, under modern manufacturing conditions, consititutes moulder efficiency.

In one branch of the trade, accuracy and finish is the criterion - in another, quantity and speed of production is the paramount consideration - where runs are short and changes of pattern frequent, versatility and adaptability are the measure of efficiency.

All these varying requirements are met by this Wadkin FD type electric moulder, as witness the ever-increasing number of these machine being supplied to the differant branches of the woodworking industry.


FD 12" x 6" PUSH FEED (6 HEADS) - Head sequence: Bottom, top, fence side (vertical), near side (vertical), second top and second bottom.  Four roll heavy duty push feed works with air cylinder control to the top feed rollers.  Gearbox giving 12 feed speeds from 18 fpm to 150 fpm.  Two spindle speeds of 4500 and 6000 rpm.  Spindle diameters are 1 13/16" (46 mm).  Max size of finished timber 12" x 6" (305 x 150 mm).  7.5 kW (10 HP) to fence side head, 11.2 kW (15 HP) to first bottom, nearside and second bottom heads, 18.75 kW (25 HP) to top and second top heads, 7.5 kW (10 HP) to feed motor.  47 KVA frequency changer set.  End adjustment to all heads is 20 mm (0.75"). INCLUDED:- Jointers, Heavy duty feedworks, Sef of four square cutterblocks.

FD 4" x 4" 4 HEADS - Head sequence: Bottom, fence sisde, front side and top.  Eight feed speeds 9 - 37 m/min (30 - 120 fpm).  4.5 kW (6 HP) motor to each head (at 7500 rpm), each incorporating electrical brake. INCLUDED - Multi roller pressures to accommodate short stock.


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