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Wadkin BNL Grinder
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The Wadkin Bursgreen Grinder is designed for grinding and shaping planing machine cutters, moulding cutters, chisels, gouges, etc. It will tale grinding wheels up to 10" diameter, 1 1/4" thick; cup grinding wheels up to 5 1/12" diameter, 4" wide; conical gridning wheels or oilstones 2" diameter, and 4 1/2" long. Provision is made for slight hollow grinding to the planing knives.

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Wadkin BZG Grinder
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Faster, easier and better woodwork comes naturally when cutting tools are kept properly sharpened. This grinding machin with its fast and slow running spindles, and its combination of coarse grinding wheels, find oilstone and stropping wheel make it easy for practically every cutting tool used by carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers, pattern makers to be kept sharp.

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Wadkin NH Grinder
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This machine has been specially designed for the proper regrinding and maintaining of all the cutter equipment used on modern high speed woodworking machines. It will deal efficiently with all types of multi-knife cutter heads, as well as cutters for square or circular blocks, thick or thin planing knoves either in the blocks or independent of them. It is also capable of regrinding tungsten carbide tipped saws, tenoning machine cutterblocks and drills.

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Wadkin NQ Grinder
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The importance of keeping knives and cutters properly ground, and thus ensuring efficient production from key machines such as planers and moulders, surfacing and thicknessing machines, justifies particular attention being given to the choice of equipment for this purpose.

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Wadkin NV Grinder
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As a profile grinder, the Wadkin Tooling NV Series offers superior performance in producing and maintaining moulding and planing knives both quickly and to a concentric accuracy of 0.005 mm from a master template. It will grind HSS, Stellite and Tungsten Carbide tipped knives with maximum precision.

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Wadkin NX Grinder
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Now the average worker can produce above-average cutters for perfectly matched mouldings. Tungsten Carbide tipped cutters can now be profile ground easily, at the same fast speed as high speed steel. Significantly more efficient than traditional methods, simple to operate and requires less skilled operators.

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Wadkin NZ Grinder
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The NZ 300 is a fully automatic straight knife grinder giving long term grinding accuracy for the toolroom whilst reducing the need for cutter resharpening. Simple to operate, the NZ 300 incorporates many time saving features allowing the operator to "set and forget".

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Wadkin Silhoutte Grinder
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The Wadkin Silhouette grinding centre with twin grinding heads offers a complete facility for profile grinding, straight knife grinding and solid profile re-sharpening. The Silhouette is simple to use and highly productive, it combines profile grinding, solid profile cutter re-sharpening and straight knife grinding operations in one machine.

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The Visage and Visage Plus grinders are simple to use, general purpose single head profile grinders with high precision linear bearings and a safe and easy to use diamond dresser assembly. The grinders are particularly geared towards medium sized industries.

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Wadkin VISION Grinder
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The Vision Bench Top Profile Grinder is designed to fit easily into the workshop environment and is a logical step towards a totally independent machining operation. With time and cost implications of outsourcing your sharpening requirements, the Vision can overcome this need, meeting the requirements of a smaller production market for profile grinding and re-sharpening.

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