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Wadkin EP Spindle Mouler

The main frame is a heavy casting designed to support the table close up to the front edge. The spindle runs on ball bearings, and is screwed externally for securing loose top peices. It is provided with a locking device which dispenses with the need for tommy bars.

The spindle is also provided with a brake. The spindle slide is designed to give rigidity to the spindle, and has rise and fall movements of 6" actuated by screw motion.


Table 915 x 810 mm (36" x 32"), 1 1/4" dia top piece. Two speeds 4500 and 6000 rpm, brake and spindle lock.  3 kW (4 HP)  (3 phase). Shaw guard (required by law for most operations)

Factory Rebuilt

Factory remanufactured equipment from Wadkin is of the very highest standards. Each machine is stripped down to from the cutting edge to the machine frame and then reassembled with any worn or defective parts replaced, beds reground, all health and safety aspects fully adhered too and repainted inside and out (in any livery you choose). After comprehensive testing the result is virtually indistinguishable from new.


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