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Wadkin LE Router
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The machine has been designed to fulfil two main functions; to enable large sheet of Duralumin to be cut faster and more conveniently, and to eliminate wastage of expensive material by grouping jigs or patterns in such a manner that they will cut out of a large sheet economically.

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Wadkin LS LS-Compound Router
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The Wadkin LS range of routers features robust construction, built-in motor, ample power at cutting point for heavy cutting and fast production, patented system of oil mist lubrication ensuring long bearing life, multiple depth stops each quickly selected or adjusted, brake for quick stopping of spindle, quick and positive spindle lock for easy cutter changing, ratchet mechanism on treadle holds head at any position.

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Wadkin URB URF Router
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Designed for large or small workshops this economically priced machine is ideal for routing wood, plastics, perspex, fibre glass, bakelite, foam rubber, celluloid, non-ferrous metals, etc. The Wadkin URB and URF machines feature cast iron construction, quiet, safe, ample power, minimal maintenance, solid cast iron table and fences, quick change belt drive and more.

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Wadkin UXB UXF 1 2 3 4 Router
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The Wadkin UX range of routers is a concept in router design that caters for every conveivable requirement. It includes both hand feed and automatic feed routers and all models have a choice of either high frequency or belt-driven heads.

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Wadkin Library

Providing histroical information, specifications, original literature, manuals and spare parts lists for the most common Wadkin machines found in every corner of the world. This section is designed as a resource to anyone looking to source a specific model, identify spare parts or simply curious as to the history of Wadkin machine production.

Wadkin Training

Catering to your individual or company training needs. Through the association with Daltons Wadkin everything from simple operator familiarisation training through to full City & Guilds certification can be supplied either on site or at our in house facilities.

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