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Wadkin BL Lathe
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The Wadkin Bursgreen lathe is the ideal machine for colleges, schools, evening institutes, handicraft centres and all simular educational establishments. It is also a useful mchine for the profitable manufacture of a wide range of turned wood products, and for use in pattern or model shops for the smaller classes of work.

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Wadkin BZL Lathe
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This Wadkin Bursgreen lathe is very sturdily built for maximum rigidity, and is engineered for accuracy and to give continuous trouble free runnin with the minimum of attention. The gap bed and the outside face plate give it an exceptionally large scope of working and make it capable of a wide variety of work of a high standard.

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Wadkin RS Lathe
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The Wadkin RS Lathe has a proved record for accuracy, convenience and efficiency. It has been installed in hundreds of the leading Engineers Pattern Shops throughout the world, where it has proved the ideal lathe for the general run of wood turning. Recent refinements in design have added to its value as a machine tool, by providing increased rigidity for the heavier classes of work, and ensuring greater convenience in operation.

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Wadkin Graduate Lathe
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Manufactured in the UK, the Wadkin Graduate (Variturn) lathe has long been synonymous with quality and accuracy. The cast iron construction ensures virbration free, strudy, accurate turning at all time. Complete with an infinately variable speed drive the machine offers everything for the iduastrial, hobby or educational user.

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Wadkin Library

Providing histroical information, specifications, original literature, manuals and spare parts lists for the most common Wadkin machines found in every corner of the world. This section is designed as a resource to anyone looking to source a specific model, identify spare parts or simply curious as to the history of Wadkin machine production.

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Catering to your individual or company training needs. Through the association with Daltons Wadkin everything from simple operator familiarisation training through to full City & Guilds certification can be supplied either on site or at our in house facilities.

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