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Wadkin PU Straight Line Edger

The value of this machine in modern woodworking practice lies in its ability to deal with all kinds of edging or ripping at a high rate of output, and to edge the stock so accurately that when glue joints are called for, the timber can be taken straight to the glue clamps without further machining.

Whilst a large proportion of the economics of the machine undoubtedly come from its speed of working as compared with the ordinary rip saw benches, and also from the saving in material.


Table 2055 x 1525 mm (81" x 60"), fence. A four speed motor drives the travelling bed giving feed speeds 15.2, 22.8, 30.4 and 45.7 m/min (50, 75, 100 and 150 fpm). Rise & fall saw spindle (under the table). Two motors 11.2 kW (15 HP) to the saw and a 2.2/0.75 kW (3/1 HP) to the feed. Max width of timber on right of saw when cutting 100 mm (4") deep is 610 mm (24") but up to 760 mm (30") if only cutting 45 mm (1.75") deep.

Factory Rebuilt

Factory remanufactured equipment from Wadkin is of the very highest standards. Each machine is stripped down to from the cutting edge to the machine frame and then reassembled with any worn or defective parts replaced, beds reground, all health and safety aspects fully adhered too and repainted inside and out (in any livery you choose). After comprehensive testing the result is virtually indistinguishable from new.


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