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Wadkin BEM Spindle Moulder
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Outstanding heavy duty performance, reliability and flexibility are just some of the proven facts by which the Wadkin Durham BEM has come to be recognised as the best value heavy duty spindle moulder available on the market.

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Wadkin BER 4 Spindle Moulder
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Accurate, robust, quickly set-up, safe, high output, reliable. The Fence - made of ground metal for maximum life is easily adjusted and has a micro setting for speedy accurate set-ups. Guards and dust chute are provided as standard.

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Wadkin BER 3 Spindle Moulder
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This model is built on substantial lines and engineered to produce work of the highest quality and accuracy. Its compact, streamlines design embodies features that ensure convenient, maximum safety and ease of maintenance.

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Wadkin BER 2 Spindle Moulder
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Soundly engineered; vibration free running for accurate work. High quality finish; reduces sanding time and saves money. Versatile; will take a wide variety of cutter equipment. The fence is easily adjusted by rack and pinion and hand levers.

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Wadkin EP Spindle Mouler
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The main frame is a heavy casting designed to support the table close up to the front edge. The spindle runs on ball bearings, and is screwed externally for securing loose top peices. It is provided with a locking device which dispenses with the need for tommy bars.

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Wadkin EQ Spindle Moulder
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For many years Wadkin Spindle Moulders, with their perfect accuracy and finish combined with unfailing reliability, have been the final choice in every branch of woodworking in almost every country in the world.

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