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Planer Moulders

Wadkin FB Planer Moulder
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An entirely new design of compact, medium-duty moulder for work up to 7" x 4" or 9" x 4". The notably clean and modern appearance is matched by a simplicity of controls and adjustments, making the machine very suitable for quick setting-up of detailed mouldings.

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Wadkin FBN 180 & 130 Planer Moulder
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Advanced design feedworks include pneumatic rise and fall giving constant traction since pressure is uniform irrespective of timber thickness, top and feed rolls are directly above the bottom rolls to ensure maximum traction and troible free feeding on difficult and thin materials, bottom rolls rise and fall seperately or in conjunction with bedplates, and interchangeable large diameter (200 mm) sectional feed rolls.

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Wadkin FD Planer Moulder
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The basic machine in an well balanced woodworking plant is an efficient general purpose moulder. Opinion varies as to what, under modern manufacturing conditions, consititutes moulder efficiency.

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Wadkin GA Planer Moulder
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With a range of over 70 differant variants, the GA series throughfeed planer moulders offer a wide choice to every wood processing business. Precision engineered to very high specifications and built to Wadkin's traditional hgih standards, the GA represents a first class investment.

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Wadkin GB Planer Moulder
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The GB Series from Wadkin is a breed of planing and moulding machine based on the highly successful GA series, providing top quality production up to a finished size of 220 x 120 mm with perfect straightening.

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Wadkin GC Planer Moulder
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All GC models provide full moulding facilities and are fitted with individual motors to all cutting heads, providing the to achieve a perfect finish. The quality and versatility of these machines makes them unequalled value for money.

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Wadkin GD Planer Moulder
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The Wadkin GD Series represents a range of planers and planer moulders which can be tailored to your exact requirements. The ability to be able to plane, straighten, thickness and mould timber in one pass allows considerable time saving over single operation machines, allowing you to increase productivity and profitibility.

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Wadkin GS Planer Moulder
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If you require to machine short batches of long timber with varying width and thicknesses, quickly and economically, the GS is the answer you have been looking for. Designed with sawmilling appliacations in mind, the GS Planer Moulder has a short infeed table as standard and pneumatically linked infeed rollers for greater control and feeding.

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Wadkin HT Delta Planer Moulder
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Wadkin Delta six head moulders are affordable jointed machines devoloped to meet the needs of companies wishing to increase production and improve quality. The operator friendly Delta is designed for quick set-up and flexibility of operation. high specification features are standard with the Delta and combined with traditional engineering excellence, give life long reliability and high quality output.

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Wadkin K23 K25 Planer Moulder
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The Wadkin K range of six head moulders have a fast changeover capability, greater output and offer outstanding value for money. The K range has an impressive array of stanard features and is designed for safety and ease of operation. all controls are conveniently located in-line on the front panel to enable fine adjustments to be made without having to stop the moulder.

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Wadkin XE Planer Moulder
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The Wadkin XE 220 Series has been designed as a high performance planer moulder, especially developed for quick setting up and easy operation for short to medium batch production. The XE 220 Series is based on the succesfull XJ 220 Series from Wadkin.

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Wadkin XJ Planer Moulder
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The Wadkin XJ 220 Series high performance planer moulders, versatile quick set-up machines, developed especially for economical short to medium batch production. The XJ 220 Series is based on the superior design embodying the latest technology from Wadkin, offering a wide choice of multi-head machines with heavy duty spindle motors, large diameter cutting circles, and availability of built-in combined straight and profile jointers, and many other features that enhance short to medium batch production.

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Wadkin XJS Planer Moulder
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The Wadkin Super XJS Series has been designed to meet the changing needs and production requirments of the Planing Mill Industry. The unique Wadkin heavy duty feedworks combined with driven table rollers throughout the machine ensure positive feeding of timber for your high speed requirments and quality finishing.

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Wadkin XR Planer Moulder
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The Wadkin XR 130 has been manufacured to the highest standards of technological development, producing a unique, ultra high spindle speed Planer Moulder for the smoothest quality single knife finish available.

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