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Panel Saws - Sliding Table

Wadkin AGSP Sawbench
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A further inspired development of the highly successful AGS range of sawbenches, the Wadkin Durham AGSP is a small panel sawbench with a big difference - scoring.

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Wadkin BGP Panel Saw
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The Wadkin Bursgreen BGP has been designed to satisfy the demand for a machine capable of accurate sawing of large boards and panels and when not required for this purpose to do the work of a general utility sliding table dimension saw.

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Wadkin BGS Panel Saw
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The sliding table saw has been designed to satisfy the big demand for a mchine capable of working to precision limits and as fast rates of production. With its tilting saw feature and full range of precision fences and cutting off gauges it will do cross-cutting or ripping, straight and bevel-mitre or compound mitre in hard or soft woods and leave a clean cut on every class of work.

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Wadkin CP Panel Saw
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With a precision ground fixed table and wider sliding table than any other similar sized machine, it's not surprising that the CP range is so popular. The five models in the range offer complete flexibility not only in the size of panel capable of being processed but also materials.

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Wadkin CP CPD Panel Saw
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A powerful 2-speed machine with sliding table, canting arbor and scoring saw. Of sound robust construction, incorporating a comprehensive range of standard features usually considered as extras. Highly versatile with a wide range of applications.

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Wadkin SP CPD Panel Saw
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Now including 430mm blade capacity, power tilt adjustment to the saw, electromc digital display to rip fence and tilt movements and longer rip fence, the new generation CPD range are built to exacting standards of quality. The high specification offers accuracy, reliability and ease of operation, and the machines are capable of processing panels, boards, solid timber, plastics and non-ferrous metals With the same precision and efficiency.

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Wadkin SP Panel Saw
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An impressive and versatile sliding table machine for working panels up to 1250 x 2500 mm, and solid timber up to depths of 100 mm. This high specification machine incorporates scoring and a comprehensive range of standard features usually associated with larger machines.

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Wadkin PP Panel Saw
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The adjustable mitre fence with tapered plunger location ensures quick setting and absolute accuracy of the principal angles. An adjustable back fence can be supplied to convert the mitre fence double mitre cutting. A time saving feature of the rip fence is the locking mechanism which not only locks but squares up the fence simultaneously. No spanner adjustments are necessary.

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