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Planer Thicknessers

Wadkin BAOS Planer Thicknesser
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A compact machine reducing space required, modestly priced. Table rise and fall with the thickness of timber displayed on an easily read scale in full view of the operator for quicker setting and more accurate work.

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Wadkin BTS Planer Thicknesser
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The Wadkin wedge bed construction eliminates table shake and gives a perfect planed finish. Infinitely variable feed speed enables the correct speed to be selected for optimum finish. Power rise and fall increases production and reduces operator fatigue.

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Wadkin FM Planer Thicknesser
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This machine represents a distince advnace in Combined Planing and Thicknessing machines. It is thoroughly modern both in apperance and performance. It takes less floor space, produces a better finish at a faster speed, is quicker and easier to adjust, is safer to operatre and requires less maintenance.

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Wadkin UOS Planer Thicknesser
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The Wadkin Bursgreen surface planer and thicknesser (UOS) us the result of intensive research and experiment is the field of high speed machine planing. No effort has been spared to provide a machine that will continually produce work of high quality and accuracy.

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