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Wadkin AGS 250 300 350 Sawbench
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AGS series - a cut above other tilting arbor dimensioning sawbenches. The AGS series of tilting arbor dimensioning saws are a popular range of general purpose sawbenches for just about every woodworking shop.

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Wadkin AGSP Sawbench
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A further inspired development of the highly successful AGS range of sawbenches, the Wadkin Durham AGSP is a small panel sawbench with a big difference - scoring.

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Wadkin BSW 400 500 600 650 750 Sawbench
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These Bursgreen sawbenches are ruggedly built of heavy gauge steel and high grade grey iron castings. They are powerful enough to ensure fast and accurate sawing at their maximum capacity, and are engineered to stand up to years of hard and continuous service.

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Wadkin SR Sawbench
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As sawing is in most cases the first operation in wood working, it is most essential that the saw bench should be capable of accurate work in order to obviate unnecessary machining in the subsequent operations.

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