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Wadkin DM Mortiser
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This is a dual purpose, space saving machine, which is an essential part of all woodworking plants. Although the initial outlay is comparatively small, it is a large capacity machine designed to produce clean, accurate work and give long, continuous service at economical running costs.

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Wadkin DM/V Mortiser
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The Wadkin DM/V with vibratory head is a large capacity hollow chisel morticer built to high engineering standards incorporating a special hammer action, that reduces by 66% the effort required by the operator in comparison to conventional chisel morticers.The DM/V consists of a solid, cast-iron construction and as a result has a proven track record of accuracy and durability.

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Wadkin MA MF Mortiser
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The Wadkin MF combined Chain and Chisel type Mortiser is designed to meet every mortising requirement with either chain or square hollow chisel. It is a most popular type of Mortiser in the Building and Joinery Trades, and with all who need a stronf robust tool, capable of standing hard usage, and producing clean, accurate work.

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Wadkin MT Mortiser
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The machine operates either chain or chisel which are mounted at opposite ends of one direct motorised headstock. The headstock rotates within the main frame to bring either the chain or chisel into the working position. The mortising stroke is air operated, ensuring fast rates of working.

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