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Tenoners - Single End

Wadkin ECA Tenoner
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This is a handy compact machine capable of handling cabinet work, light door work, sash stuff, etc., at high rates of production. It has been specially designed for fast, easy operation. Adjustments are readily accessible and easy to make.

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Wadkin EKA Tenoner
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This machine has successfully met the test of day-to-day service under all working conditions in hundreds of woodworking shops in every part of the world. It is built to exacting standards which, coupled with sound practical design, explains why users everywhere are unanimous in endorsing its reliability, accuracy and output capacity.

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Wadkin JET Tenoner
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The JET End Jointing System is a unique multi table level machine that is ideal for any type of end jointing . Capable of cutting even the heaviest tenons the a highly cost effective alternative to the traditional singe end tenoners.

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Wadkin SET Tenoner
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Recognising the need to change quickly from one tenon size and scribe to another, Wadkln have developed the SET. Using innovative design and proven technology the SET offers dial-a-size setting for supreme accuracy.

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