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Main Image for Salvador SuperAngle 600 Crosscut

Image for Salvador SuperAngle 600 Crosscut

Salvador SuperAngle 600 Crosscut

The Salvador SuperAngle 600 is a highly advanced angle crosscut system developed for quick and precise optimisation of material. Increase productivity, guarantee maximum precision from a simple and flexible process.

No adjustments or calibrations are required: just rest the wood on the in-feed conveyor and SuperAngle 600 takes care of the rest. A special drive system and new methods for the angular movement ensure maximum precision over time.


SuperAngle 600 - High speed pneumatically operated saw for automatic straight and angle cutting of timber with heavy duty push conveyor running up to 60 m/min. Angle capacity of +/- 70 degrees. Optimisation and defecting software. 6.2m heavy duty push conveyor and full set of inclined tables. 7m infeed and 3m outfeed. Cuts 380 mm wide and up to 160 mm deep (12” x 5”). (3 phase) Includes: PC running Windows XP with software package and 17” LCD.


Salvador SuperAngel 600 Crosscut

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