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Band Resaws

Stenner ST80 Band Resaw
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The ST80 is the latest addition to Stenner’s famous range of radial arm resaws, designed to produce a machine of classical strength and durability which would be equally at home in a small joinery shop or a busy service mill. The ST80 is a true resaw but requires no special installation.

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Stenner ST100R Band Resaw
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Like its predecessor, the ST100R is a ‘pitless’ resaw requiring no special installation other than the requirement for mains electricity, air supply and extraction. To increase productivity included as standard equipment on this latest model is a pneumatically operated radial arm feed which is activated by photocell.

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Stenner ST130 Band Resaw
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The ST130 combines the performance available from a 130mm wide bandsaw with the convenience of a machine that requires no special fixing other than bolting it to the factory floor. The resulting package is a very high performance radial arm resaw capable of producing quality sawn timber from even the largest of cross sections.

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