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Wadkin Outline Template Maker

The Wadkin Outline 3 axis automatic template maker produces accurate templates at a fraction of the time of traditional methods.  Using CNC technology, complex profiles can be drawn on screen or transferred from the scanned sample/image/diagram.

Once the oporator is happy with the drawing, it is then downloaded to the machining unit for immediate template production.  Perfectly symmetrical templates are produced in minutes, giving improved productivity and a high quality component finish.


Working travel area 300 x 200 x 90 mm, bed area (with clamping 'T' Slot) 500 x 250 mm all enclosed within interlocked cabinet. Includes milling cutter (x 5), CADCAM 2D template making software, PC (running Windows 7 or later), monitor and scanner. (1 phase)

Wadkin Import

Wadkin Import Products have been developed in partnership with world leading manufacturers under strict conditions to maintain the exacting standards of build quality of which Wadkin has become synonymous. Only after rigorous inspection of construction and manufacturing methods are machines added to the Wadkin Import portfolio.


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