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CML SCA J350 R Multi Rip

The J350R offers ripping of timber up to 350mm wide and also has a moveable saw blade. The fixed blade is locked on a support in turn fastened on the spindle. The moving blade slides directly on the spindle. A powerful 37 kW motor ensures easy processing of the heaviest material at feed speeds up to 40 m/min. a 10 mw laser can be added as an option to display blade positions.

CML have been manufacturing solid wood processing equipment since 1960 and have become industry leaders in the manufacture of multi rip saws, edgers, crosscuts and mechanical handling systems.


SCA J350R 350 mm (14") - WITH MOVEABLE BLADE. 350 mm (14") wide track feed with infinitely variable speed 0-40 mpm (0-132 fpm). Takes sawblades up to 370 mm (14.5") dia mounted on to a 320 mm long arbor. One moving sawblade electrically controlled by foot pedals. Digital readout to cutting width, 2 lasers and 2 sawblades. Cuts 120 mm (4.75") deep and accepts material up to 650 mm (25.5") wide. Maximum distance fixed blade to moving blade 415mm, minimum 30mm.Three motors 37 kW (50 HP) to saw spindle, 1.5 kW (2 HP) to feed and 0.75 kW (1 HP) to rise and fall of saw spindle/pressures. (3 phase).


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