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Wadkin Silhoutte Grinder

The Wadkin Silhouette grinding centre with twin grinding heads offers a complete facility for profile grinding, straight knife grinding and solid profile re-sharpening. The Silhouette is simple to use and highly productive, it combines profile grinding, solid profile cutter re-sharpening and straight knife grinding operations in one machine.


SILHOUETTE - Bilateral linear action with powered tilt head and twin spindle design enabling fast changeover from profile grinding to straight knife and solid profile cutter sharpening. Suitable for HSS, Stellite or TCT. Max length of cutterhead  335 mm.(13"). Max dia of cutterhead 350 mm (14"). Spec includes arbor, grinding wheels, stylus, coolant, etc.  (3 phase).

Factory Rebuilt

Factory remanufactured equipment from Wadkin is of the very highest standards. Each machine is stripped down from the cutting edge to the machine frame and then reassembled with any worn or defective parts replaced, beds reground, all health and safety aspects fully adhered too and repainted inside and out (in any livery you choose). After comprehensive testing the result is virtually indistinguishable from new.


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