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Wadkin GA Planer Moulder

With a range of over 70 differant variants, the GA series throughfeed planer moulders offer a wide choice to every wood processing business. Precision engineered to very high specifications and built to Wadkin's traditional hgih standards, the GA represents a first class investment.

And with a low cost and high production rating, it's an investment with rapid pay-back potential.


GA170 - THROUGH-FEED WITH STRAIGHTENING (5 HEADS) - Head sequence: Bottom, fence, nearside, top, second bottom.  Circular cutterblocks to all heads.  Two metre long straightening table.  Spindle speed 6000 rpm.  Infinitely variable feed speeds 6 - 36 m/min.  Max size of finished timber 170 x 120 mm.  5.5 kW (7.5 HP) to all heads.  4 kW (5.5 HP) feed motor.

GA220 - THROUGH-FEED WITH STRAIGHTENING (6 HEADS) - Head sequence: Bottom, fence side, nearside, top, second top, second bottom.  Four roll heavy duty push feed works with independent pneumatic loading to top and bottom rollers and through feed works after first bottom head.  Power vertical adjustment to top heads and pressures.  Infinitely variable feed speeds  7 - 42 m/min (23 - 138 fpm).  Max size of finished timber 220 x 120 mm.  Cutterblock speed 6000 rpm.  7.5 kW (10 HP) motors to feed, first bottom, fence side and nearside heads.  11 kW (15 HP) motors to both top heads and second bottom head.  (3 phase)

Factory Rebuilt

Factory remanufactured equipment from Wadkin is of the very highest standards. Each machine is stripped down from the cutting edge to the machine frame and then reassembled with any worn or defective parts replaced, beds reground, all health and safety aspects fully adhered too and repainted inside and out (in any livery you choose). After comprehensive testing the result is virtually indistinguishable from new.


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