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Wadkin RK (24 inch) Thicknesser

This is a thoroughly modern type of Panel Planing machine embodying many new labour-saving features, and designed throughout on the most robust lines to produce a superfine finish on hard or soft timbers.

It is a high-speed machine with four-knife circular block running at 4,000 r.p.m., and with a maximum feed speed of 100 feet per minute. The machine is compact, the drives being built into the main frame without sacrificing accessibility. Maintenance is simplified by the clean, unbroken lines of the machine. All driving mechanism is enclosed, and the inside of the main frame is entirely covered in to prevent the accumulation of chips and dirt. The machine is built with sectional chipbreaker and sectional feed roll, but solid chipbreaker and feed roll can be supplied if preferred.


610 x 230 mm (24" x 9") WITH SECTIONAL FEED - Six feedspeeds through gearbox 6 - 30.4 m/min (20 - 100 fpm), 4-knife circular cutterblock, one set of planing knives.  11.2 kW (15 HP) (3 phase). INCLUDED - Built-in grinding device, Sectional feed roller and pressure bar.

Factory Rebuilt

Factory remanufactured equipment from Wadkin is of the very highest standards. Each machine is stripped down to the machine frame and then reassembled with any worn or defective parts replaced, beds reground, all health and safety aspects fully adhered too and repainted inside and out (in any livery you choose). After comprehensive testing the result is virtually indistinguishable from new.

Wadkin RK (24 inch) Thicknesser Literature

Wadkin RK (24 inch) Thicknesser Manual and Parts List

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