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Wadkin WX WZ Pattern Miller
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The production of Engineers Patterns, Coreboxes, etc., by mechanical means was made possible for the first time bu the development in 1897 of the Wadkin 'Mechanical Woodworker'. Since that time this machine, now called the Wadkin Pattern Miller, has become known in practically all the leading world, and is to-day recognised as indispensable in any well equipped Pattern Shop.

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Providing histroical information, specifications, original literature, manuals and spare parts lists for the most common Wadkin machines found in every corner of the world. This section is designed as a resource to anyone looking to source a specific model, identify spare parts or simply curious as to the history of Wadkin machine production.

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Catering to your individual or company training needs. Through the association with Daltons Wadkin everything from simple operator familiarisation training through to full City & Guilds certification can be supplied either on site or at our in house facilities.

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