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Introducing the Greda Diva

Daltons Wadkin announce an all new 5-Axis CNC Machining Centre from Italian manufacturers Greda which is designed for maximum versatility and brings 5-axis capability to space sensitive applications, occupying a working space of less than 9 square metres.

Greda Diva Wadkin CNCThis new concept, incorporating a fixed bridge structure (or gantry) with moving work table, is described by Greda as a ‘Pocket’ Machining Centre but its strength of build matches in many respects the larger and more expensive machines providing both flexibility and high production standards.  Versatility is provided by the 5-axis movements, a wide configuration of by-rotative operating heads to suit various applications, a multi-function working table capable of clamping plywood shells and chair legs in a one-piece position, choice of work table configurations and easy programming thanks to a Windows based operating system.

Daltons Wadkin, who are distributors for Greda CNC Machines in the UK and Ireland, are very enthusiastic about the new machine.  Alex Dalton commented “With its small overall size together with the versatility provided by the combination of a bridge structure and 5 axes, this is a machine which many businesses have been looking for.  The combination of a price which won’t break the bank and the specification and overall size to fit most working areas and requirements is hard to beat.”

Further information concerning the new Greda Diva can be obtained from the Wadkin website or by contacting the sales team on +44 (0)115 986 5201.