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Wadkin Service, Aftercare and Spare Parts

Wadkin XJ220 undergoing factory serviceThe manufacture of Wadkin classical machines is already under way at Daltons’ Nottingham headquarters and a service/ training and spare parts facility incorporated into the Daltons Support Service Division.

As an engineering company of over 100 years standing and a Wadkin distributor for over 50 years Daltons have the pedigree, experience and the capability to source, machine and if necessary manufacture mechanical spares for almost any Wadkin machine and a team of dedicated service engineers cover all parts of the UK and Ireland as well as travelling overseas when required. The team, who carry the Wadkin brand as well as Daltons logo on their apparel and on their service vehicles, operate under the direction of an in-house Support Services Department headed by Daltons directors Cliff Sharp and Steve Balchin.

The company’s engineering facilities accommodate the rebuilding and servicing of woodworking machines of most types and contracts for upgrading equipment for specific customers are handled on a regular basis.

Currently going through the shops for a Scottish based timber supplier is a Wadkin 6-Head FBN220 Planer/ Moulder which is also being equipped with electric braking and it is notable that another Wadkin Planer/ Moulder was loaned free of charge in order to maintain production whilst their own machine was in the Nottingham workshops.

Machine_shop_manufacturingSide by side with the FBN is a Wadkin XJ220 7-Head Moulder incorporating a saw splitting facility and sound enclosure which is being prepared for supply to a customer in the east of England who requires the performance unique to a machine of this type, incorporating as it does a combined heavy duty feed works and through-feed system. This machine also is being modified to incorporate electric braking.

Daltons already have major service contracts with some of the largest national timber suppliers in the UK as well as government departments but are keen to widen their customer base to include companies large and small who may have had contracts with the original Wadkin company. Cliff commented "As owners of the Wadkin name and all the rights which go with it we are the natural successors to the original Wadkin business and are ideally suited to continuing and hopefully improving on the service, aftercare and spares arrangements offered by the old company."

Marketed under a combined Wadkin/Daltons brand the service facilities offered include a unique online reporting feature which enables customers to view their own service records and reports at any time from their own computer. This is believed to be a unique and user-friendly feature which is available as an option or in addition to hard copy reports.